Bridging gaps and fostering inclusion: A social enterprise case

This case study examines key aspects of starting a social enterprise and how transferrable commercial experiences can be. It explores the challenges, strategies, and transformative impact of establishing a socially-focused organisation that bridges gaps, fosters inclusivity, and drives positive change within the business landscape.


Ammar Mirza (ABConnexions) & Savvas Papagiannidis (Newcastle University, Business School)

Ammar MirzaSavvas Papagiannidis

Ammar Mirza was the 2015 visiting Goldman Professor of Innovaton & Enterprise at Newcastle University Business School.

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Mirza, A. & Papagiannidis, S. (2023) Bridging gaps and fostering inclusion: A social enterprise case. In S. Papagiannidis (Ed), Goldman Teaching Case Book. Available at https://goldman.ncl.ac.uk / ISBN: 978-1-7396044-1-7

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